Virginia Real Estate License Requirements

Continuing our investigation into national real estate career options, today we’ll be looking at Virginia real estate license requirements. The fair state of Virginia has a whole lot to offer, not just in terms of career opportunities in real estate, but also for lifestyle bonuses for you and your future clients. As with most state real estate licensing requirements elsewhere in the country there is a component of required learning before you can sit the real estate exam and get your VA real estate license.

We’ll cover the steps needed to get your foot in the door of a real estate agency and land a job as a salesperson – the future is all yours. To start you will need to be at least 18 years of age and the proud owner of a Social Security number, or an identification number from the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles.

Virginia Real Estate License Requirements
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The first step is to do the course

The Virginia real estate license requirements clearly state that any person who is seeking to become a real estate agent must complete a 60 hour training course, either through some online format or in a formal face to face classroom setting. The Virginia Real Estate Board hosts a list of approved training providers that you can choose from to complete this mandatory training requirement.

Personally I would choose a course that is delivered online, because of the flexibility in learning that it allows. Other people though do not do their best when learning this way and will benefit more from a face to face educational setting – it’s a personal choice, and we’re lucky to have the option.

In terms of cost, the courses vary considerably, depending on what you want in your training course. All of them will teach you how to become a real estate agent in Virginia, it’s just the method that they teach you with that differs. There are courses available for less than $200 so they do seem to provide good value for money. Of course the training you receive will truly be put to the test when you sit the exam – and it is only then that you will be able to tell if the course was worth it.

Sit the exam

You have done the training course and know all that you need to know about being a real estate agent in Virginia – now you need to put your knowledge to the test by sitting an exam. The exam centre is located in Richmond and has just been re-opened in July. To be successful, you must pass the State and National sections of the exam.

If on the other hand you are currently a licensed real estate salesperson in another state then you must still complete the course as above and sit the exam. The difference lies in that you are only required to pass the State portion of the exam before you can make an application for a reciprocal license.

To make arrangements to sit this exam you must contact the VA Real Estate Board’s testing service PSI on 1-800-733-9267. Once you have passed the exam you can now apply for your real estate license, Virginia property is yours to sell!

Post license education requirements

Your learning does not end with the successful completion of your real estate exam. There is another additional post-license training course which must be completed in the year after you obtain your real estate license and be delivered by approved service providers. The 30 hour course delivers knowledge in residential and commercial real estate as well as property management. It also delivers additional skills and knowledge that will continue to serve you well in your career as a real estate agent in the Commonwealth  of Virginia.

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