Log Cabins For Sale: the pros and cons

Log cabins are back in style – not only do they look great and provide a homely atmosphere, but they are energy efficient as well! So with more and more people looking for log cabins for sale, it can be very competitive to find a property with a decent log home which is good quality. There are a few tips to finding a good log cabin for sale in your local area, and things to keep in mind when you are choosing a home to buy.

Log cabins do not just look good, but they provide excellent natural insulation due the materials they are constructed from. Maybe that’s why log cabin sales are on the up and up when compared to other building types. Most log buildings are built of sustainable farmed timber so if you think that buying log cabin logs results in a forest being felled, you’re wrong. Better than that, the sustainability continues long after the building is erected. This is because of real savings in energy costs due to the magnificent thermal qualities of the logs that make up the construction of your home.

log cabins for sale
Log cabin in Colorado © by Matt Cunningham Photography

Energy consumption benefits

The naturally sustainable nature of your log cabin can be improved out of sight by implementing sustainable energy from the beginning. It doesn’t matter if you buy one of the many log cabins available for sale, or buy a log cabin kit, or build yourself from scratch – energy savings are important and easy to plan for. Some things like the pitch of a roof can have thermal energy retention impacts, but that’s not something that you can have much of a say over once the roof is actually on your home.

Something you can adjust and improve relates directly to energy consumption, and that is implementing other methods of gathering your own energy. The most common method will be using solar power, and the advantages of solar power are many. But what you need to be mindful of is cost, and how that relates to your new solar cabin.

Lifestyle benefits

A log cabin says ‘home’ and exudes a sense of real warmth and luxury. This is amplified when a log cabin is fitted out with a tastefully designed finish and decor. A log cabin is a great, relaxed home to bring up a family, or life the quiet life. The versatility of the log cabin really lends itself to living both in town, and on a property. A sustainably built home making use of sustainable energy is really taking a great step ahead in the search for environmental responsibility.

If the wood that makes up your log cabin is dried and finished properly, then you will be able to avoid the issues of moisture and cracking, which befalls some log homes. However, properly treated wood will lend itself to a home which is well insulated and therefore both warm in winter and cool in summer. In addition, a fact that may surprise you is that log cabins are remarkably fire resistant – and the thicker the logs that comprise the walls, the better the resistance.


The decision to buy a log cabin is a good one, and one which you will not regret. The only thing to do is to find log cabins for sale! You have a few options… in some areas it is not difficult to find log cabins for sale as most of the houses are log cabins – but in other areas it is different. You could approach a regular agent and tell them of the specifics of the home you want – or you can approach one of the many listing agents that specialize in listing log cabins. If you are in the market to build a log cabin, then I would recommend buying a kit – it comes with most of the materials you will require, is adaptable, and comes with instructions so you can assemble your own log cabin on your dream home site. There are good and cheap log cabin kits which offer a good alternative to looking through lists of cheap log cabins for sale. A kit log cabin will mean that you know what you are getting, and you can be the proud owner of a new log home for your family for a very reasonable price – just look around for log cabin kits for sale in your local area and you’ll soon see what I mean

Nothing beats the versatility and homeliness of a log cabin – in all terrains and environments. Do yourself and your family a favour – consider log houses for sale in your local area when looking to buy a new home.

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