How To Find Information On Homes Recently Sold In My Area

When I’m talking about information on homes recently sold in my area, I usually mean price and days on the market – as well as the address of the property. The thing about this sort of information is that the information you get will depend a lot on what state you live in. Various information may be non disclosable under certain conditions – including those vital statistics such as the price the property sold for.

There are a few ways to access this data though, including if you are in nondisclosure states. Traditionally, assessors and realtors are reluctant to part with their sales and value data, which some regard as the lifeblood of their industry – and their jobs. However there are a number of websites that provide some data that may be of assistance.

Websites that provide recent home sales data in my area

homes recently sold in my area
192 Stony Lane, North Kingstown RI Home for Sale © by ginnylgorman

Zillow and Trulia are both sites that offer a whole bunch of data. However the thing with the data offered on these sites is that they are notoriously unreliable. Sure they look good, and there are other sites apart from the two that I have listed here – it’s just that these are probably the biggest around – but do not ever rely 100% on the accuracy of their data. Instead, use it as a tool as part of your real estate arsenal – one of many. Another good site for real estate information is Blockshopper – but again, don’t expect information for all states!

Something that I always do when I am looking at my own area is make use of my own neighbourhood knowledge combined with looking at the asking price for homes on sites like ZipRealty. When you are looking at these prices, consider a reduction of about 10% which is what I generally factor in to allow for price negotiation and miscellaneous fees and charges. All you have to go on is a ballpark figure – but that’s real estate data for you…

How to get accurate data on local real estate prices

The best way to get information on homes recently sold in my area is to speak to local realtors and assessors in conjunction with consulting online figures for real estate for sale – and I dare say that the same applies to you. However not everyone wants to hire a real estate professional (especially in the early stages of a search for property) and so the options are limited for a lot of people, unless they live in a state like Florida, which allows public access to such data.

However this is what makes real estate such a challenging (and fun) industry to be in. Real estate professionals (such as assessors, realtors and real estate investors) rely on their business judgement and industry experience to make their determinations – and so the best option is to become one of the experts yourself. Learn how to become a real estate agent or real estate assessor and you will soon be in the same loop as industry professionals.

For regular people who are not in the industry and want an idea of house values by address – one of the sites we have listed above may have the answers you seek – or at least a fair indication of a ballpark figure. There are many factors that impact real estate prices – not all are immediately obvious. At the end of the day there will always be good deals out there, but there will also be properties that sell for more than they probably should.

If I really want to know about houses recently sold in my area, then I will get out and about – attend auctions, speak to owners and realtors alike. This is the best way to find the information you want, by beating the pavement and shaking hands, getting to know those in the industry around your local area.

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