How To Find A Real Estate Agent That Specializes In Working With Veterans?

Military families who are looking to buy real estate will often have needs and requirements that set them apart from other buyers. This is especially true for veterans, and it is best to concentrate on working with a real estate agent that specializes in working with veterans and military families. In most parts of the country you should be able to find real estate professionals with the appropriate training, knowledge and understanding to serve military families well.

How To Find A Real Estate Agent That Specializes In Working With Veterans?
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This post came out of a question asked on Google+ by Chris Birk, a guy that is in the mortgage industry, in the capacity of helping veterans get loans. After a bit of asking around, it became apparent to me that while I couldn’t find any real estate agents that specialized in working with veterans exactly, there were a bunch of knowledgeable agents out there. These agents are often veterans or from military families themselves, so have personal experience to draw from when helping you find a home.

3 steps to finding a veteran friendly real estate agent

You cannot rely on the Yellow Pages to deliver up a great real estate agent that will understand your requirements – it takes more than a listing and a glossy business card for that. Depending on where you are looking to buy, there may not be much military activity around, so agents in that area may not have the expertise, but don’t worry – here are a few things you can do to find a real estate agent that specializes in working with veterans.

  1. Ask around – You’ll never know till you ask right? If there is a military installation nearby then ask there – they will be able to point you towards a particular agent or two – or at least tell you about someone who can. If there is no military facility nearby then consider approaching a real estate agent and asking them point blank if they have any experience.
  2. Research online – Most agents these days have an online presence. So look up the agents in the area you are buying into and see what they are all about. Remember that it’s not all about websites any more – there are thousands of real estate agents on Google+ who use the platform to communicate with each other as well as prospective clients.
  3. Contact veterans’ organizations – Contacting one of the local veterans organizations is a great way to get some good local contacts. Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America and the Marine Corps League are great places to start. Remember that it doesn’t matter what branch of the forces you served with – you will get advice and a helping hand if you ask for it.

Having a real estate agent who specializes in working with veterans and military families can make the difference in your real estate search. This is particularly true when you are looking to buy a home to live in, as opposed to an investment property. Considerations such as accessing a good mortgage program, the pros and cons of off base living and other unique factors all play a part.

Do you know of any real estate agents that specialize in working with veterans? We’d be very interested to hear from you – and so would a lot of other people too!

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