How To Become A Real Estate Agent

If you want to know how to become a real estate agent in your state you may have to do a little research – but in all cases the first step to getting a license is just a quick search or a phone call away. To get a real estate license you will first have to do an accredited course and take an exam. Once you have passed that exam, then you may apply for a real estate license through the state regulating authority. There are different ways to go about all of the above, but that’s it in a nutshell. Becoming a real estate agent is a great step into a fantastic new career, it’s up to you to get started.

We have started to research on a state by state basis the exact requirements and steps you need to take to get a license to start your career in real estate. So if you want state specific information, try the search bar to the right of your screen. Simply search your state and see if we’ve addressed that one yet. If we haven’t, feel free to ask us directly: “How do I become a real estate agent in my state?” and we’ll soon find out the exact steps for you!

What do real estate agents actually do?

The role of real estate agents is to act on behalf of a property owner and market their property for sale. Their job is to advertise and show the property to prospective buyers, and obtain the highest possible price with the best possible terms of sale. Keep that in mind – you act for the seller, not the buyer. If you want a job finding a property for people to buy then you should look into becoming a buyers agent – they are usually a real estate agent, but with extra training.

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Real estate agents sell a property through various means – mostly revolving around advertising. Having a network of personal relationships will also help you to meet people who are looking for a property to buy. A good real estate agent will also keep a record of people that they meet, and what they are looking for so that if they meet someone who wants just that sort of property then they can show and hopefully sell it.

What sort of money to real estate agents make?

The pay real estate agents receive differs – from state to state and from agency to agency. See, a real estate agent is employed by a real estate agency to sell properties listed with them. Depending on your skill and experience, you may expect to be paid little or a lot. Some real estate agents are paid little or no salary – and receive only commission payments based on the property they sell.

The percentage of the commission may differ in scale as well – and most of the time these factors are negotiable with the agency. So in summary, the pay can be good and bad – depending on your employment conditions and how much property you sell. Slowdowns in the economy like we have seen recently make it difficult for agents to make a living, but periods of growth mean that the market increases, meaning sales increase, meaning your commissions increase.

So my suggestion is to make an enquiry with your local community college – they generally run a course for people who want to become real estate agents. They will also help you apply for your license. All that is left for you to do then is find a real estate agency willing to take you on. Be competitive with this – work hard and long and you will make a success of your real estate career.

Real estate is certainly a great industry to get into – you meet great people, and have a great career for you and your family. Learning how to become a realestate agent is the first step – the next and most important one is getting out there and actually doing it.

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