How To Become A Real Estate Agent In Ontario

How to become a real estate agent in Ontario is quite simple – and we will explain the few steps involved below. To get registered and employed you will need to be at least 18 years of age, complete criminal record checks, and be the proud holder of an Ontario Secondary School Diploma or equivalent. If you meet those initial requirements, then you may begin the next step in becoming a real estate agent in Ontario, which involves a little study.

Required course for budding real estate agents

how to become a real estate agent in Ontario
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The Ontario Real Estate Association (OREA) provides the required course of study which you must complete in order to apply for a real estate license in Ontario. Technically, it is possible to enrol in the pre-registration segment of the real estate training program before you turn 18 – however you will need a parent or guardian to accept the terms of the enrolment contract. Keep in mind that you must be 18 to attain registration as a real estate agent in Ontario.

The course provides excellent flexibility in terms of delivery options – as you can choose to learn in a classroom setting, via correspondence, or online education. The pre-registration course costs a shade over $1,500 – which is will allow you to start looking for employment in the industry. Once you have secured employment with a brokerage you are then able to make an application to the Real Estate Council of Ontario (RECO) for registration as a real estate salesperson.

From the time you begin the pre-registration course you have 18 months to complete it – so the clock is ticking. Mind you, most people doing the course do not take 18 months – in fact the vast majority are in a hurry to do the course and get working. After you have completed the pre-registration segment you have 12 months to apply for registration with RECO.

There are more courses of study which must be completed before you are eligible for permanent registration with RECO (called articling) – but these can be done once you are up and running in your real estate career. The Ontario real estate license requirements are quite simple really. All you are required to do is to do a course, find a broker to employ you and continue further education while you work. This way your practical learning goes hand in hand with your theoretical knowledge, leading to you being a more rounded professional.

While the pre-registration course is a little expensive to start with – the results are well worth the expense and the effort. If you are creative with your job search and a little proactive, you can probably negotiate with some prospective employers for them to assist with payment of the pre-registration course in return for an employment contract – that is, you guarantee that you remain employed with the company for a set period of time. There are other ways around the financial impediment, if it is indeed a problem, and that is just one idea.

In summary

If you are of good character, 18 and have a high school diploma you are set to start your career as a real estate agent in Ontario. What you need to do is to enrol in the pre-registration course available through OREA, obtain employment with a real estate broker in Ontario and then apply for registration with RECO. Good luck, and have fun!

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