Eliminating Buyer Turnoffs May Result In A Quicker Sale

We’ve written before about things you can do to help sell your home, like our home staging checklist, but it is worth remembering that it is just as important to get rid of negative aspects of the property. The folks over at ForTheParents.com¬†have written about a few tips to fix buyer turnoffs¬†which bear reading about.

The key to selling a property is in remembering that potential buyers don’t want to look at your family home, they want to inspect a property that may be their own family home. It is the seller’s job to help them picture themselves living there after they purchase the property.

The key to doing this is by removing clutter such as personal objects and other turnoffs. Smells are a big turnoff too – and the most common culprits are pets, cigarette smoke and mould. Fix those issues and the property will be a lot easier to sell.

When we talked about staging a home for sale, we mentioned minor repairs to be wary of which if done can result in a quicker sale at a better price. We are again reminded that chipped paint, missing door trims and other minor details can be a big buyer turnoff. The reason being that the buyer imagines that if you cannot be bothered to keep the house in decent order then who knows what other problems there are with the property. A poorly maintained property looms as a potential headache and money pit – something no buyer wants.

It’s pretty simple to sell a property if you put yourself in the shoes of the buyer – and ignoring this can really make a difference in terms of how quickly the property moves and the price at which it is sold. Once again, we are reminded that it’s the simple things that make a difference in selling property – get the basics right and you make the sale process so much easier.

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