6 Key Tips To Help You Sell Your Property Quickly

When we sell a property, we generally go through an agent, but it’s best not to rely on the agent to make all the decisions. It’s important to take control and make the necessary changes to ensure a quick sale. There are some things that you can do to help sell your property quickly – and not all of them can be done by an agent. Remember that your realtor is busy, and you are one of many property owners whose properties they are showing to prospective buyers. Take the initiative!

6 key points to help you sell your property quickly
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Research your local market

It still surprises me to find that many owners don’t research the local market beyond listening to property related rumours. When you are selling a property, take a look at what similar properties are also for sale in the same area, and for the same rice. Doing this will allow you to see what you are in competition with in terms of other properties in the same area and price bracket – and more importantly should also indicate areas in which you can improve your property to help get a sale quickly. What do the other properties in the same price range offer that you don’t?

Look at your property from a buyer’s perspective

While not an easy thing to do (and you may want to enlist the help of an impartial friend or random passer-by), this is crucial. Ideally your listing agent will do this, but sometimesit helps to hear it from someone else. So, do a walkthrough of your property with the person as a prospective buyer, and then ask for their honest opinion. It can be hard to really see problem areas with a property when you are emotionally attached to it, so a fresh look can underline areas for improvement.

Co-operate with your realtor

Since you have the property on the market, I assume that you actually want it to sell, right? To do that you need the listing agent to do their job – and that means providing access to the property whenever possible (within reason). We’ve seen many possible sales fall through because the agent could not get the owner to agree to a showing.

Commit to making improvements to the property

This ties in to the first two points, and really involves making the improvements to the propety that those steps identified as being desirable. They may be minor changes, such as replacing light fittings, or more substantial ones, like repainting, or installing a new kitchen or bathroom. Whatever improvements you make, you are improving the chances of a sale going through… but remember to be a little conservative and not over capitalize.

Staging is a winning proposition

There’s a very good reason that home staging is such a popular part of the modern real estate industry – it works! By getting rid of tired old furniture that just doesn’t fit a space, you are opening up your property for a better look, and more offers. Professional stagers do everything for you – the whole property made picture perfect to really improve your sales chances; but you can take a few tips to staging a home and do it yourself if you are a little disciplined.

Be open to offers

This is a very important point that a good many property owners fail in. While it is great to achieve your asking price, it is rare to do so. As a result, you need to be open to offers. A lot of owners will say that they ae – but in the same breath say “but I won’t go a cent under $X’. Really, that’s shooting yourself in the foot. In a buyer’s market you need to be flexible, and if I need to decide whether to accept an offer for $1,000 or so below my psychological minimum sale price, or to have the property sit on the market for another six months or more, I know what I’d choose.

As a property owner, selling real estate isn’t that hard – provided you are honest with yourself about your property and you trust the realtor you’ve assigned. These are just six quick tips to help you sell your property quicker – they are simple steps to take, but unfortunately so many owners miss out on selling quickly because they don’t do those simple things.

Do you have any tips to sell a property quickly? We’d love to hear them!

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