3 Easy Ways To Make Your Bathroom Look Bigger

Unless you’re lucky enough to have designed your own home according to your dream specifications, chances are you’ll have a bathroom that is too small. It’s a common complaint about apartments and houses alike – but there is no reason that you need to put up with the small enclosed space. There are a bunch of ways to make this small room look and feel bigger, lighter and airier without having to knock out walls.

We’ve picked out 3 easy ways to make your bathroom look bigger that don’t cost the earth and are easy to implement – and just how you do it is completely up to you and your own individual flair and style. Learning how to make a small bathroom look bigger isn’t that difficult – or expensive either!

small bathroom © by imallergic

It starts with colours and light

The colours in your bathroom have a big impact on how large or small it appears. It may be true that colours are in the eye of the beholder, but dark and heavy tones have an effect of closing a space. Lighter colours on the other hand really open up a space.

Keep your ceiling a nice bright white colour, as well as all trims. The colour you go with for the walls should be light and airy. A pale yellow conveys a sense of sunlight, and a pale blue says nothing but open space. Wonderful.

Many homes have a bathroom hidden away much the same as a closet would be – a tiny space without windows and poor lighting. The ideal solution is to install a skylight to allow the flow of natural light – however this will not always be possible. Instead go with recessed lighting, wall sconces and perhaps a countertop lamp to add a nice warm feel if you have the room.

Cut back on anything that sticks out

I know I’ve just mentioned a countertop lamp (if you have the room) in the last sentence – but the key to creating a sense of space in a small bathroom is actually creating some. Consider anything that juts out to be in the way. This includes cupboards, shelves and some wall mounted light fittings. If they can’t be moved, get rid of them altogether.

Consider swapping a large vanity for a delicate pedestal sink, especially in smaller second bathrooms. This will often be a lot cheaper than you might ordinarily expect too. If you need the storage space in the bathroom, consider a small corner shelf as a replacement. Ideally, store the items in a close by linen cupboard.

The little things make a huge difference

Apart from the things previously mentioned – the main thing to remember when considering how to make your bathroom look bigger is paying attention to detail. Things like adding a large mirror, making any opaque shower curtains transparent and painting any dark things white really makes a difference.

A small bathroom does not necessarily have to appear that way. By taking these few simple steps and making the most of the positive features in your bathroom you can make it appear to be much bigger than it actually is. All it takes is a well-considered splash of paint and a bit of forward thinking.

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